• Portuguese Users

    My season starts tomorrow.

    In the 3 days of pre-season until now, between buying and selling, i've made 10 transfer's!!!

    The average in 3 days for the other managers is... 20 transfers!!! Today in the transfers window until now i havent sell any player and there's 25 selling transfers!!! WTF!!!

    I'm starting to think that someone is cheating...

    And thinking that some people is agains the transfer madness events.... they should be the benefits from this shit!!!

  • English Moderator

    Mate, this is not a language to use in an open forum....so take care what you post cause next time you will be banned....
    As for transfers, you should know that selling a player, is just random and has to do with many things...such as value of a player, price in the transfer list, age, other players in same position,etc...if some manager sells more players than others, isn't cheating....