Question about cheating report.

  • I want to know who decides about the cheating reports?
    For example if I report a manager from Germany will another guy from Germany decide about the case? Or how it's working? I don't know why somebody is protecting cheaters...
    Before 2 days I reported 2 managers and they are not locked. I know they are cheaters.
    Because nothing happened I will post a example:

    This manager is 44. on the world ranking:

    114 goals scored in 15 matches? 7,6 goals per match? Is this possible?
    You can delate this post but you need to know it's a shame for the entire game.

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate,
    1st. you know that cheating isn't to be discussed on an open forum.
    2nd. Yes everything is possible. If you use all the features of the game, coins, private funds... and play in a league with active managers, everything is possible...
    3rd As for the example, someone is a cheater because his team scores a lot and has good team ?
    Every manager that is proven as a cheater, always get's what it deserves on this game. That's for sure.