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    Yesterday I made a topic ‘complaint/suggestion transfer list’. I talked about managers who buy players from the list and directly sell them. I also made a suggestion to solve this.

    I got a reaction on the topic from last night. Thanks for that. However the reaction was focused on my suggestion and the impossibilities. It said that my suggestion wouldn’t work so much because some competitions are only 20 matchdays. So a manager can only do 2 or 3 transfers during the season. I disagree with that. A manager can buy as much players as he can afford. He can also sell as much players from the original team as he wants. ONLY the players which a manager buys from the transfer list cannot be sold on the transfer list during the next matchdays. This selling situation, I think, is a bug which some managers found out and use it to built massive teams from a low team somewhere in South America (for example). The game creates a non-realistic situation.

    In the reaction on my previous post the focus was on my suggestion. I still feel it can be a good thing to improve osm. Anyway, it’s just a suggestion. Can the focus be more on my complaint. Maybe there are other good solutions as well to solve this problem.

    At last: as this is a forum. I guess for discussions. Can the topic be kept open after I get a reply? I wanted to react back on my first topic but it was already closed. In my opinion a forum is a place where discussions can take place. Not questions and answers and finished 😉


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    Hello again mate...as i said on your previous topic, small/weak teams don't have so many and valuable players to sell them and buy new good players...and if you can not sell players, you can not improve your team...this is my opinion....
    But if you want a discussion then make your posts here >>>> https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/3310/osm-game-features-chatroom-suggestions/1001
    This topic is for suggestions....