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  • It would be nice if you introduce a option to change a manager name on OSM. I would pay 1000 bc to change my nickname

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    Wouldnt it be great if you could swap players, maybe add a fee to it aswell.
    This is my current situation, I have an extra attacker in my club but no one is buying him, however someone was willing to trade my player for another player. This process however was inconvienient and time wasting. If there could be a way of approaching a team and say i will swap this player for this player or this player and a bit of money. Also, could you loan players??

    Thank you


  • @James-Sivakumar Hi mate,

    as you know OSM is a one season game. So loan from bank or swap players, have a disadvantage due to the time of pay back a loan or swap players. It could work only on leagues with many seasons games. For loan players, this has been talked many times and as this game is one season game, there is actually not so much use for a team to loan his player, when he can sell it and take the money he want at once.

    You can buy players from other teams of your league. You can make an offer to the other manager, for the player you want to buy.

  • I would suggest that the Home page would be with more detail since there is a lot of empty space

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    @Lirind yes i understand tht OSM is a one season game mate, but keep in mind tht this one season goes on for atleast a month and in some cases 1 and a half month too. Look the reason loans are gonna be beneficial is becoz it will make the game more real. I don't know or have come across any such managing football game where loans are present and hence if GB was to add the loan feature, most and if not all managers would very whole heartedly welcome such an update. Why u ask? Simple: It will be better than selling players; how? Becoz atleast once or twice a week we have managers in this forum complaining tht this and this team sold 10 players in one day whereas i sold 1 in 10 days. Like tht manager who said Leicester City manager is selling these much or tht manager is selling these many players every day..... blah blah etc. This im sorry to say is completely unfair(i know its a computer tht controls the transfers but the computer doesn't know who all he is making angry and sad). Also loans may help the player make more money. Its simple lets say a 70 stat player max price is 15million and instead of waiting for 2 or 3 days to make 15 million, why cant you loan this player to a weaker team and make lets say 2-3 or maybe 4 million a matchday (im saying tht every match day the manager has to pay the loanee manager some money as fee for keeping tht loaned player). So instead of only making 15 mil and waiting for 2 days. Why the hell can't u loan a player and simply make 3 million extra every matchday? Tht means in 2 days u will have nice amount of 6 million and in 4 days 12 million. And also like i said: each OSM season is like a month long(30 days...LET THT SINK IN...30 DAYS...😨😨). tht is like a lot of time my friend. So why cant u loan a player on certain number of match days (who the hell said tht a loan needs to be for the whole season 😂😂😂😂) u can have a loan for 10 matchdays or 20 or 5 or even 2 or even the whole season..right? And in my view tht is not AT ALL a bad thing. Becoz it makes the game even more interesting and equal. How u think it makes it equal? simple, imagine the EPL where i am Aston Villa and there is Liverpool. You know how much difference is there in the players, plus Joe Gomez in comparison to other members of his squad is less in stats ie 80 bit for a team like Aston Villa 80 is a huge stat. So why not send gomez on loan and make money till Aston villa send back the player... This according to me not only makes teams equal but also it will prevent cheating as there will be no need of illegal transfers and ppl will not complain saying this manager sells more players than wht i sell in 1 week etc. Plus there will be no cheating in loans as ppl who have taken a loaned player will have to pay the manager who gave the player each matchday a certain fee which in the long term helps a lot. Want an example? Imagine i need 20 mil to buy a player and after my matchday i have 19mil, do u expect me to wait for 24hrs to get my player??? Who can easily be snatched by someone else????!!!! INSTEAD if i had a player on loan i would easily have gotten tht extra 1 mil from my loaned out player and bought my player. SIMPLE RIGHT? 😁😄. LOOK if OSM does make a loan update, IT WILL BE THE FIRST OF ITS KIND,MAN!! U guys will make a lot of managers happy. Plus if u are a manager tht does day jobs or are busy in work. Instead of searching for players in scouting or transfer market.. just ask a loan of a player. Please...implement this.. the loan can be minimum for 5 matchdays and maximum for the whole season. Plus if you want to cancel the loan you can easily pay a cancellation fee. Look i say this again bro, if loans were there, then no manager will get angry and sad and delete OSM once they feel tht a certain manager is selling more than other managers, trust me mate it happened to me twice and i was pissed off like hell!! The addition of loans and swapping players will be a really cool addition which will make the game more interesting and popular and will result in less anger and depression and complaints regarding the transfer market and its working. Remember tht in bigger leagues like Italy and Spain and England,the difference between weak and strong teams are a lot, plus it is very hard to make money if u are a weak team (befoz u have weak players who have less base price and hence sell for very less) so if loans were there you can not only progress equally but also get the player you want. As I have been in many situations where I wanted a player but it was sold becoz the manager didn't understand English or the chats or tht he was a stubborn person who just wanted money, so if loans were there i would have gotten my players and he would have gotten his money. So i request GB to take my suggestions on loans and player swapping into consideration as it will make the game more equal. PS: I occasionally see managers complaining tht they have by mistakenly accepted the stupid bots offer, in this case if a bot was to ask for loan and if a manager was to accept it by mistake then it won't be tht much of a problem as the bot will have to pay u money to take tht player on loan from you. Please whoever thinks tht this is a good/great/awesome suggestion regarding loans and player swaps.. Please up vote this post so tht GB can look into it or the moderators can pass on this beautiful suggestion.

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    @Lakshay-Ahluwalia Also when i mean loans. I mean only in tht particular league. Like loans can happen only in the league you are managing. Tht way both scout and transfer market will have value. So if u want a player from Italy or Spain u will have to buy them otherwise if u want a player from ur league, u can either buy or loan.

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    @Lirind sooo??? can we have loans and swap deals??

  • Suggest to implement financial fair play in all league categories. This would mean that boss coins competition is off, whether it is a private or open league. And the moderator couldnt turn it on

  • i would propose new achievements for 2021 :
    Goal Machine : 700 goals scored in a year (1 slot)
    Tactical One : 300 games won in a year (1 slot)
    Oil Money : buy 1000 players in a year (1 slot)
    Rain of Points : reach 50,000 points in a year 1 slot )

    this achievement can identify how much quality managers have, since there are no levels on osm

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    ..preferably from the same league...that update will make the game more interesting and realistic

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    Hello. To bring the game as close as possible to reality, it would be possible to limit the minimum number of players in a team to 18, no less. 11 players on the field and seven in the reserve. And also I would like to exclude speculation as much as possible. And then a lot of people buy players and immediately sell them. Especially at the very beginning of the season, three days before the start. It could be forbidden to sell players immediately. At least after a few games. I hope you can hear me. Thank you very much for your attention. All the best.

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    My suggestions;
    1- changing coins of training time cost from 2 coins per hour to 1 coin per half.
    2- it's funny to keep 100M in our pocket, so money always should stay in bank and interest should work automatically. it works to resolve for transfer negotiations problem and giant coins lost at transfer/bank trap for player by osm.
    3- Supporting weak or inactive players and stopping very active players to keep leagues in balance can be understandable but it is hard to accept by your most active players and it is hard to wait inactive players put their players to transfer list because without this you can not sell your players. So league balances should arrange carefully at beginning and new league numbers should decrease..
    4-Player positions at the transfer list is not balanced. Generally all defenders are stoper. Also ages are not balanced, its almost all players at list over 30 years old.
    5- Selling players for %100 price instantly for 5 coins should change to %140 price instantly should 5 coins. Than we can rebuild our squad with minimum damage and we can change tactics after normal transfers stops end of the first half of the season.
    6- It is not fair to not calculate manager point before more than one year. it looks everything for nothing. i think old cups and players more valuable.
    7- It is better to select any player from any position for any of 4 training slot. than we can send players to training according our tactics.
    8- when you select a team from already started league. Loses of the manager before you shouldn't add to your manager statistic.
    9- Some leagues have more match-day. also these leagues already have top strong teams. To equal game, short leagues winners should have to extra training day option before winner cup.
    10-Why our champion players starts to winner cups with morale collapse like relegated.
    11- Why OSM working with fake business offer companies. Their all rewards fake.
    12- At the forum generally we saw same problems we have already, it is noted by another person but all of them (try) answered from one person without resolve or enough explanation and issue locked. why are you locking.

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    I find it very difficult to find a league with enough managers that I want to play. I want to play all the leagues in the world, but in smaller leagues like Peru or Spain Segunda Division (second division) most of the time there are no leagues in the preparation phase on my current server or those leagues have too few human managers. I usually look on other servers as well, but it's very time consuming because I can't see which leagues are in the preparation phase on other servers. I have to click on every line in my second screenshot (see below) to check if one of these leagues is still in the preparation phase and then move on to the next servers and do the same thing there.

    I hope GB can add Matchday to the Active Leagues page. This field is already available on the Invites page, but not on the Active Leagues page (see the 2 screenshots below). Ideally I would like to see prep2 or p2 when the league is on preparation day 2, but the most important is that the Matchday becomes visible on the Active Leagues page. This will encourage activity in smaller leagues because managers have more options than on their own server and reduces the number of leagues that runs with only 2 or 3 managers (not exiting).

    alt text
    ![alt text](image url

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    suggestion to make the scout more effective by adding one more selection criterion
    Sometimes when managers scout for a player, the money may end up being less... and means a wastage of boss coins from our hand. I suggest tht along with all the type, nationality, age and league; we should add a criteria about the estimated price of a player. The reason i ssy this is mostly becoz maybe we may assume s player maybe 20 million but may end up being 22mil and hence cant buy him; another reason would be becoz in small leagues like ghana and stuff the players sell for very less and if a category about the estimated price would be there it would be very easy for us managers to find a player for the budget we have. Example lets say one of my players got injured or red carded and i have a match but have no similar replacement for the booked player... and lets say i only have 15 million, and there is no sensible player of 15 million, lets say all are above 20mill. So if i can choose the price criterion of 10-15 million and send the scout i will be guaranteed a player in tht price group. It will make the scouting process much easier and closer to reality as clubs know how much their budget is and they according buy their players.

  • @Lakshay-Ahluwalia You made a very good point.
    I agree.

  • Suggestion to add top 100 Crews of every Country
    It would defintely make the Crew Battles more interesting competing also with your other country Crews.

  • @Adhurim-Dakajj Absolutely right, I support that as well...

  • There are a number of features found in the website, not in the application
    Like the forum I am writing in, in addition to my profile modifications and a lot of things
    I think the app will get better by adding these things
    I wish to add and thank you

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    why the most assist does not have an achievement? why a player that has the most goals and assists together it has no achievement?

  • Proposal to introduce the option that in the settings in the application we can change the language to OSM, and not that OSM uses the system language