• Dear OSM,

    How or were can I report cheating?
    I already send an email but i didn't got a conformation or a reply and the cheating is getting worse!

    Kind regards,


  • @MaccieB_NL The way how to report a cheater:

    Cheater option is on the manager profile, when you send the report you need to go to your email to activate this report.

  • @Lirind

    1. If you didnt got the report link on your email then you need to contact with the STAFF, i see that you are Duth manager so I'm nut sure that this STAFF can help you because this is INTERNACIONAL VERSION.

    2. If you got all: You need at least to wait 72hour. You dont get any notification via PM or email that this manager is locked. If the manager is locked you will know through his profile

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate,
    have in mind that every staff member gives in this game his free time, trying to help every manager reporting a bug or a cheat report, along with his/her real life...so you have to be patient and every cheat report will be looked into with much attention and if a cheater found, will be punished.