All players are unable to buy players in my private league

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    I created a private league, and allowed transfers. For the first two weeks of the season, transfers were working fine, people were buying and selling. But since the last week, we have all been unable to buy players. When we try, a message pops up which just says "Oops". This problem is the same on the android, iOS and desktop versions.

  • @shreyasvora Hi mate,

    If you are talking about your main account league, this is due to the removal of transfers on Clash Nations leagues.

    Clash of Nations A & B Update

    The Clash of Nations is about to start again, so we've updated Clash of Nations A and B in OSM!

    From now on it's no longer possible to make transfers in these Leagues, as they are national teams.

    We've increased training and friendly progression in these leagues, so your players get better faster!

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