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    What do you do? What are the rules?

  • @magicalmagic Hi mate,

    To obtain a Ticket, you have to play in one of the most prestigious Leagues, and finish the season among the highest on the League Table. The Leagues in which you can qualify your team for the Winners Cup contain a Winners Cup icon on the Choose League page. With a Ticket, you can take your powerful team and queue it up for a place in an upcoming Winners Cup. In the Winners Cup, you will play against other managers who have tried their best to build up their team to its highest potential! You can now decide who's really the best! As only the best managers will continue in the Winners Cup, it may occur that there are double players and clubs in a Winners Cup.

    The qualifications scheme:

    4 teams: Spain, England, Italy and Germany

    3 teams: France, Brazil, and Argentina

    2 teams: Portugal, The Netherlands, Turkey, and Belgium

    1 team: Russia, Mexico, China, and the USA

    there are no rules. You need only to play in these leagues and you need to take the place that qualifies to the Winners Cup.

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    @Lirind thanks i am about top finish top 4 in England with Leicester City.

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    Hope you get the ticket mate...good luck...