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    Hello! I play in the Uzbek League. I came first. A week ago, one character entered the game, who apparently created the left aki and now that it is not a team, that is not a match, a training camp is being held against me. Even the team that is in 14th place. Whom should I complain to?
    P.S. the key word is "maybe"! I just want to be checked. At the moment, he is in 1st place. It's just strange to hold a training camp for a team that is in 14th place, and even if he wins, he will not even rise to 13th place. Possible errors as I use the online translator

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    Hello mate....any manager can take a training camp to any team he likes...this is not cheating...maybe sounds unfair but this is the game....if you have a good team, then you have nothing to worry....