[BUG] Ukraine 2nd Division - Goal 51

  • I start apologizing for don't follow rules of bug report. But I've no time. I report. Then, if you think it's right ignore this bug report, do it.
    As screened, MFK Mykolaiv should have goal 15, but its goal is 51
    It's clear that this compromise OSM ranking and, at this time, WC qualification round.
    Some my crewmates have joined that league and really that have experienced that a victory against CPU give around 400 manager points.
    So, in the name of the absolute fair play, we report this bug.

    alt text

  • @SirFabioCanà Thank you Sir ! For your visit , post and feedback to us about this bug. :handshake_tone2:

  • @SirFabioCanà Good evening Sir . ☺

    I'd like to inform you that your report was forwarded and this naughty bug is already fixed, for future and for on going leagues. We have also checked if there has been any manager that might had already took advantage of the specific malfunction and had completed a season with that false goaled team but gladly we found out that no one did so!

    Once again we thank you for your post/report and the heads up ! :handshake_tone2:

    P.S. The Absolute Fair Game Clubbers, salute You Sir Fabio Canà ! 👒 🎩