Will training a young player help ?

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    I am training a young player (inter Milan) he is 18 in the champions league he was 70 rated but now he is 74 will training him help me if so I have been playing this game for 2 years but is there a limit to how much you can train the upto ?

    And will it help me if he becomes like 90 rated in the midfield for any games I am training him daily

    Also how long will it take approximately to get to an 88 rated ?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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    Hello mate....this forum is for support on the game play of this game, not for such questions...
    You can train a young player but if you want my advise, you can sell him in a good price and buy another one better...training will improve the player but when we talk for a 70 rated player in Italian league, he can not help you soon enough....

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    • Training helps to increase player rating as you might have noticed, there is no limit at which a player can train and since OSM is based on rating he is as good as a player who is rated 90
    • Yes he will.
    • This is something that cannot be determined due to many factors, like event, training progression (if you keep training him all the time his training progression will get slower), etc...