Only team not selling players, 5 days now

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    As you can see I'm having big problems selling players, everybody in the league keeps seeling and buying players and I've listed these players in the transfer list for more than a week now:
    (01e064fc-9e00-493d-999a-5db4d31dfa1f-image.png image url)

    Yes they are old, and yes Im selling them for the max. price.. But i've been playing for years now and this never happend to me, not 5 days without a single sell... Plus im playing with friends and they told me they also sell their players for the max. amount. So whats wrong with my players? Did anything in the game changed recently about the transfer market? Last time I played was about 2 years ago
    Thanks a lot in advance

    Edit: Only teams in league with an active coach are me as Tottenham, Liverpool, Arsenal, Fullham, New Castle, Man. United and Leeds. So i believe the rest of the teams wont sell players because they are either afk or bots

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    Hello mate...nothing changed in the you know selling players isn't a secret something random...sometimes you are lucky to sell players in their max price, sometimes other leagues maybe some other manager have the same should find the way to sell players, by trying a different approach...lowering the price, put some other players for sell...etc