• Hi,

    I played today the first match with a team goal of 5 and I am in third place with 100 manager points, meanwhile, I am in the first position with points.

    The first manager with manager points played today with a team goal of 9, meanwhile. He manages another team with a goal of 9. He is in the fourth position with points, but he has earned 150 MP.

    How he can earn 150 MP and I 100 MP? He played with the same team goal 9, meanwhile, I played with a team with a goal of 5.

    Has the manager's points system been updated or my maths is wrong?


  • @Lirind Lately MP system is clearly not working well and many times people have tried to warn about it and I cant remember If we got any answer on this getting checked...

    I, myself, never got any feedback has this been checked:

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    I post this message 4 days ago in osm the game :


    can you help me a little ???

    I play in champ with 10 team

    Last night in first day:

    Obj 8 (me) win against obj 2 result 192 pts manager .... (point, not medals)

    Obj 8 vs obj 7 192 pts.....

    obj 7 vs obj 2 192 pts..... How is it possible ?
    All versus real manager

    In past with objective 9:
    Victory against objective 1 around 500 points

    Against objective 3 around 300 points

    Against objective 5 150 points

    Against objective 7 approximately 100 points

    Against objective 9 approximately 75

    Against bot 50 points

    And this whatever the level of the opposing manager

    Objectif haven't any consequence in manager point now?

    Since, No answer...

    And I loose again another point day after day..i don't understand

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    And two days later win with obj 8 vs obj 1 (no bot, 10 team in champ) :only 200 manager points

  • Thank you for reporting it. We'll llok into it!