• What is going on with manager points recently? In my battle league I was 3rd yesterday with Sevilla (goal 3) and I had 1000 MPs. Today I won 4 0 against Atleti (goal 3) and I am top of the league, yet somehow I have 968 MPs... no logic at all..?!

    And this is not the only case, this does not happen only in battle leagues. I ahve noticed this in regular leagues as well. It looks like the bonus for being on goal or in top position is coming always day after you get on certain position. Is this being looked at, Im pretty sure everyone have the same problems?

    Worst part is when you win a league on last round, if this is true what I think is happening then you practically do not get bonus for winning the league title if you have won it on last matchday...

  • @Majstor-Matt Is it possible that they haven't answered you yet ??

  • Thank you for reporting it. We'll llok into it!

  • And....

    This is fixed!