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    Hello everyone,

    First of all, sorry for this delay creating the topic and giving you all all news about this popular event in OSM.
    This year, due to external reason, we can't have the same qualification system and we must stop the OSM WC until we have a new fair method.

    We (All CMs and Global Staff) are working on a new big project, the biggest project you never seen before here in OSM, trying to find the best choice for you all. The idea is to have it during 2021 and begin the 1st edition of this new WC system during May or June. I'm going to give you here, in this topic, any news related with it.

    I hope you all understand that this is not my own decision, I'm just giving the message after some weeks of discuss and check that it won't be possible to keep the same system. I prefer to make this post now and no on February/March.

    My inbox is always open to suggestions/ideas, always with respect.

    Thanks you for your time and sorry for the bad new.

    Best regards,
    Manuel - Events Manager

  • Quite some time has passed since this topic was created and quite a lot of things happened on OSM world, but we didn't forgot about OSM WC.
    So... let me provide you guys some info to keep you all up to date and at same time collect some feedback πŸ‘

    At the moment I'm writing this, we're doing a pilot WC on Dutch region OSM. As you all know, it's a separate environment and therefore fit for pilots.

    The WC is structured as followed:

    • all managers can join a specific WC Tournament with 128 teams and without BC-settings (with which we're unfortunately having some problems at the moment).
    • All the winners of the Tournaments will be invited for the next round. Depending on how many managers will join, 1 or 2 rounds will follow.
    • The last round is a normal league (instead of a Tournament) to do a final check on who's the best manager of OSM in 2021 - besides the top managers in the Rankings of course.

    If this is a success, we want to bring the WC to World region OSM as well, of course. What do you think? Like the idea? Any suggestions?

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    I think that the Knok Out Royale mode isn't the best to identify the World Champion, because the game simulator is pretty random, sometimes.

    Basically, the best OSM manager is the one who can improve its squad by buying/selling and the one who is strong tactically. And you can only show it in a league. In the Tournaments it's a lottery, for me. πŸ™‚ In the last tournament that I've played (FMS), for example, I lost because of away goals (lost 2-0 away and won 3-1 at home and my opponent only had 1 shot, for example, statistically).

    So, for me, the best model would be a league system worldwide where all the teams in each league would be equal and where you can buy/sell and compete. And in the end, the bottom half of each league would be eliminated and the upper half would qualify for the next phase.

    Thanks for earing us!

  • Knock-out system is bad. One red card and your tournament is over. Only league system.

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    an incredible gesture on your part to turn off the coins, I am genuinely surprised and very happy about this
    but the identification the best in the play-off system in a game where more than half of the success sometimes depends on randomness ... this is rather unfair
    undoubtedly, a strong manager will win, but first of all he will not be the strongest, but the luckiest, and will not receive the same recognition as before

  • @specialone said in OSM WC 2021 Edition:

    • The last round is a normal league (instead of a Tournament) to do a final check on who's the best manager of OSM in 2021 - **besides the top managers in the Rankings of course.

    Good one there, really cracked me up πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„

    As for the knockout system, as guys stated above thats pure luck fest, and you can never know when will a red card (even if you play normal on red ref) or a bad case of luck strike you.

    I appreciate the effort you guys are making to include the most managers you can but this simply is not the way for me.

    My suggestion is to call up top managers that are ranked globally via medals, everyone has the same chance and it does show who has the best win rate. So lets see who of those glorius top 100 managers (of which most of them are in closed leagues) is trully the best! πŸ˜„ I'd really like to see how many of them would accept the invitation πŸ™‚

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    Good news.. I hope...

    Hello, having participated several times in this event, I allow myself a few comments on the current proposal:

    We are the opposite of what exists in terms of competitions for example NBA, or football world cup .. Or logically we start with a qualification phase in the form of a more or less long championship to end with a final phase with elimination direct.

    This avoids two main problems:

    An immediate direct elimination can make All the best fall against each other directly, in a single match that is not necessarily representative.

    And that leaves too much room to chance .. With a red card in the first round from the 3rd minute for example, on a game where the share of luck is important especially with equivalent teams without recruitment

    I would find it more logical to start with qualifying championships. Quit to, to limit the number of participants, only register players with 10/20/30/40/50 seasons of experience or more for example.

    And the winners (or 2 first depending on the number) of these championships would participate in the big finals type world cup ac small groups then direct elimination match .. Or direct elimination if simpler ..

    Good day

  • Winners cup system would be so much more deserving that this proposed luck fest.

    How? Well lets say there is a special 24 teams league where you have transfers, trainings and everything, but without boss coins - open to join for everyone with base set experience (lets say 365 games - so that people who played for a full year can only get a chance). Top 4 finishers in that league get a ticket for a Qualification tournament in a form of a winners cup (yes, we have a knockout there, but at least in order to get to tgat knockout you had to show some skill and consistency). Winners of that special tournament competition get a ticket to the OSM World Cup. When we reach that stage.... just hit me, why am I writing this? Nothing will change anyway lol just like nothing is changing with this ridiculous ranking system with pointless medals..

    Good luck everyone, you will need it if youre gonna play this system.

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    @menagerbl reasons we all miss our bloody MP, this new medals cant be used for WC at all, never participated in the world cup either but would have been fun pushing to try and qualify, ooh well that's that, all the best with this new system however it will be

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    I think the idea of ​​making the tournament available to everyone fairly, including newbies, there are few games that offer the chance for a rookie to compete at the highest level in the short term, and this really motivates players who are starting, not to mention that they can reveal stars that could be hired by the crews in the future....but I also agree that knockout is a lot of luck involved. but playing leagues with only so many players involved would also be hard and great time-consuming. My proposal is to start with a knockout for the not best ranked and most experienced... once you have a good ranking you already enter the second phase in the leagues...
    with this system you could give out golden tickets for players are news or less ranked and experienced, 10 newbies for example or any other number, which would qualify in the knockouts for the league phase, or something type it... in the league phase with up to 200 teams, for example , 190 best players, by ranking system and experience, and 10 who advanced through the playoffs in the first phase. this 200 would play 10 leagues of 20 teams each. the champion of each league would to advance and play the final league with the 20 champions of the leagues from the previous phase, to decide who is the grand champion of champions.

    Just one idea.