Remove players from training?

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    What happens if I remove a player from training and the time left to competition is at half (4 hours). Will it give the player half experience or none at all?

  • @ramfjord How do you a remove player from training? As far as I know there is no way to end training session in between, the only thing you can do is use 16 boss coins to instantly train your player and end the training session at once. If that is what you meant by "removing players" then that will give full experience (as much as it was supposed to give after 8 hours) not half.
    Even if there are four hours remaining and let's say you can end it for 8 boss coins then still player will get the same experience as it was supposed to get after the whole training.

  • @ramfjord & @Exter98

    Hello Ram & Hamza ! 😄

    I can see that both of you need to clarify this matter. So my mates, when we put a player on his training session we have to spend just a tiny amount of our club funds. Each training last 8 hours as you must know already. If we ever need to remove a player from his training we will have to pay some Boss coins. The amount of the coins depends on the hours that have passed from the moment the training begun. So Ram , if you want to remove your player at half time of his training it means that 4 hours have passed and you will have to pay 2 BCs x 4 for the remaining hours left = 8 Boss coins .
    Yes this way your player does get his normal training improvement .
    As you know it comes in percentages and the only thing that affects the training results of a player is his age - the younger the better % - and of course your training facilities of your Stadium. 😉

    Notice: If the league that you play has its timers OFF( like private leagues with human Moderators and special settings )
    it means you cannot use your Boss coins to complete the training faster , thus all you can do in such cases is to sit & wait for the 8 hours to pass.

    That's all about it gentlemen. 👒

    My regards to both of you,
    Sofie the Greek