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    I was put into a league I don't want to be in. How can I leave this league on my Ipad??

  • @COYSBEN Hi mate ☺ ,
    All you have to do is follow these 2 simple steps:
    First find your Board room.

    1. alt text

    and then ...
    Just click on the blue Resign button

    2.alt text

    Warning ! If you click on the resign button there is no turning back for you on that same league.
    It's final and we must do it only if and when we are 100% sure we want to quit from our league.

    Notice : If you cannot find the Board in your league's menu it probably means that you are still on the preparations days and you will have to wait for that resignation till right after your first match is played.

    Best of luck with your future leagues mate. :fingers_crossed_tone2: