“Play without commercial”-package

  • Dutch Users

    I bought the Medium Package for €5,49.
    The deal said “play without commercials”.
    When I buy a player I have the choice between watching a commercial and paying 1 bosscoin.
    I find this misleading and I think many with me...
    From the moment I open the OSM app until I close it I am PLAYING. So buying a player is part of that.
    When buying a player you pay (game)money so that should be enough if you payed real life money.
    If this is not an option at least mention it when people buy a package. ie: “Play commercial-free (buying players excluded)”

  • English Moderator

    Hello mate...i think you miss the point here....by paying the "package" you don't have any commercials pop up every time, in every screen you use during the pages of the game...
    When you go to buy a player, the game gives you AN EXTRA CHOICE not to use boss coins for this transaction, but to watch a single video....i like to have the choice NOT to lose boss coins when i buy some players....it's a benefit i don't (and many other managers) want to lose....