“Play without commercial”-package (2)

  • Dutch Users

    Hey mate. Sorry, it’s a little annoying if you close a topic without giving me the chance to respond and explain myself a little further.
    I think you are missing my point.😉
    What I mean is: it’s okay by me if there is an extra option to buy players.
    The only thing I’m asking is: put some extra text like “this doesn’t include buying players” when buying a package.
    Many new managers don’t know this. I just started playing a while ago after many years and I didn’t know.
    So it’s misleading in my opinion, because it says “play without commercials” and playing means from opening the app until closing it...

  • English Moderator

    I will say it one more time: the extra option to watch a video and save a boss coin, has nothing to do with pop up adds that you have to watch and this way continue to the gameplay....there is nothing misleading here....just to add that this is not a discussion forum but for help on the gameplay of this game....