Same User Accounts Just a Number written in []

  • English Users

    Dear GameBasics,

    I have noticed in many accounts that they are just the same, no difference except a number written in []. For example- Vinayak Singh Mehra
    Vinayak Singh Mehra [S2]

    While the account is same, you have added a brackets. Why is this. And another thing wrong is that the accounts with such brackets will be shown as different accounts. Like in the rankings I see a man with such account and different accounts are shown with different rankings. If this happens, many of us will be on lower ranking. And there in the rankings about 25% accounts in India are like this.

  • English Moderator

    Evey manager has 4 slots...this means he can manage 4 different teams...but is the same manager always...all slots have a ranking but only the best slot counts for the globe (manager points ) rankings...