not able to see player possitions

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    dear osm,

    i play this game for a while now and never had problems. but recently there was a chance in the game that all the players have their own possition. great idea! but for one reason i cant see it on this account. i try to update the app but that did not chance anything. then i tried to trow the app off my phone and reinstall it. but that did not chance anything. then i thought well maybe its my phone so i updated my android samsung. but did not help. then i thought oke well lets check on my laptop if i can see it there. but you can guess it did not chance anything. all my crew mates and all my friend can see it. but i cant..... its been a frustrating ride to ask all the time to other players what possition the players have. plz can some one help me

    kind regards m van Look

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    This post is deleted!
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    Hello mate...nothing wrong with your account/phone/pc...players positions are enabled to a small amount of managers, for testing reasons...positions don't affect the game at the moment....