Issue, bug or just misfortune?

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    Hello there. I have a problem with my BCs and my transferlist.

    For 3 days I'm waiting for my BossCoins which were supposed to be given upon an App install and play, nothing so far..

    And for over 4-5 days of waiting none of my 2 playes are sold on the TL, I was lowering the price though.

    I'm wondering if those are ok, or are just bugs?.


  • @realgalaxtus Hello mate,
    About your transferlist, no need for you to lower the prices of your players, you're losing profit this way. Unless you are in a big league and playing on the second half of your season. Sales of the players are random and tend to diminish for every manager as the season progresses and their prices rise. It is possible to have a round full of players sold , more than 4 per round or exactly the opposite having to wait 3 to 5 days to get your players sold again.

    About the Boss Coins , please take a look on this topic :

    Thank you for your post . :handshake_tone2: