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  • hello everybody
    i played osm the last past years on android. now i have an iphone and now i can't train players, i can't buy players etc. i had a lot of credits and enough money with my new selected team! so i don't understand why it doesnt go.. i need help please! i restarted the game but it doesnt go.. on the top where my credits is, is no number of credits

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    @Fabio-El-Shaarawy Hello to you too mate and welcome to the Global forum. :relaxed:

    I took a look at your game profile and saw that you have all of your 4 Slots active with a league. Was your problem solved then? Maybe you've downloaded the latest iOS version of your OSM app ?
    If you are still facing a problem please post a few details about the device you use and the version of the OSM or a screen shot of your problem always helps so much .

    Thank you in advance Fabio . :handshake_tone2:

  • No respons from the OP anymore, so this can be closed.

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    @Hespera Thank you. :wink:

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