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    Hi support,

    I want to play with a friend and create a league. The only problem is that I don’t know if I’ll have to pay every time we want to restart a season, even if it’s always the same competition. Or maybe I’ll pay only the first time?

    We want to create a league in France, 1st division.
    I pay 400 coins, we play the season.
    At the end of the season, will I have to pay 400 coins more to restart one?

    Thanks for your answer.

    Have a good day.

  • @maestronissa Hi mate,

    you will pay every time when you create a league.

    When you create a league for the first time it will costed 100% of the boss coins. When the end of the league comes you have to choose how you will create/choose another league.

    You have two options:

    (For example French League)

    1. If you leave your league to finish and want to create again the French league newly, it'll cost again 400 boss coins.

    2. but if you want to continue your league through the moderator tool then instead of paying 400 coins you will pay 160 coins.

    So when you continue your league through the moderator tool it will cost cheaper than the first time.

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    If you set up a league with 8 teams, it will be cheaper for the

    At the end of the league, you will be playing a ( longer league for cheaper for the next season from the season settings.
    the decision is yours

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    @lirind if you decide to continue the league, does it mean that the progress from previous seasons will be carried forward? thanks in advance

  • @aweijie Hi mate,

    the progress from previous seasons

    What do you mean by progress from previous seasons? Are you mean the same team, the same players that you bought, etc...

    If yes then nope because OSM is a one-season game. So you can't keep the same team and League for next season.

    You can extend your season and play with the same team ONLY via Winners Cup in some leagues.

    When you finish a league everything starts from the beginning and it doesn't matter if you set up the same league through the moderator tools.

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    @lirind oh. ok thanks for your reply

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    No...the league will start from the scratch....please don't make multiple questions on the same topic....