A guy ruining our OSM EPL - can you help please?

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    Hello, we are playing an OSM EPL in our discord server and we had a bit of a tough time in creating rules and most people did well to stick to them. However, the Liverpool guy is very much overpowered and broke a lot of the rules. I don't know if this goes against your rules (ToS) but we want to make it fair. The Liverpool guys account name is dusan tadic AJX, a lot of us have reported him. If you do decide to remove him, is there a way to remove some of his players in his squad as he is far too overpowered. Thank you.

  • Is he breaking any OSM rules or only the rules that you make for the competition? otherwise you can't report him but you can stop him to play in your competitions by not letting him in anymore.

    Can you be a little more specific about what the guy is doing maybe we can give you some advice about what to do about it.

    Goodluck mate

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    Hello mate...cheating is not to be discussed on the forums...if you reported the manager, wait till our support team take a look....but nothing can be done about his team....