see a friend who is looking at banning business, reply without closing the topic

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    Is this banning business arbitrary?
    The cheating manager cheats in the league I play, I report it, it's not banned
    I looked at the other slots of the cheater (I can see the transfers when I look at the pc) I saw the cheat there too, I told the situation to another manager from that league, the man was banned, now I'm wondering, my friends who are looking at this job say our mails are late as read, what does this mean, can you explain to me now I complain I did it 2-3 times you will say nothing happened 1-2 transferred man X team there is no player he didn't put in Y team it is still considered normal someone please explain this situation to is it read mail??
    close the topic immediately, let's be quiet, shall we?
    If you're going to do it, do it properly, if you can't, let someone else do the job properly, don't make a fool of yourself. not like being

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    Hello mate...cheating can ONLY be reported via the profile of a manager....if you did that and put all the evidence there, then our staff will look into the case and make the decision...posting on forums won't help.....