Global top 100 list problem - Oficial GB/Miniclip statement about it?

  • Hello everyone in charge,

    Since the introduction of the famous OSM Medals ranking global top 100 changed a lot and we got a massive amount of managers that are winning almost every other game easilly with 10+ goal difference and it results in their leagues having handball looking like goal differences (201-5, 175-101, 165-124, 135-152 etc. after 25ish rounds). In my spare time I have been tracking many of these TOP managers trying to learn from them but sadly all I come up against is them violating OSM TOU rules.

    Of course, as a bit of a Gerard Butler lookalike I am, not physically but as a Law Abiding Citizen, every time I see a violation of OSM TOU I do a report and from what I can see I have a good detection rate as rarely any of those reports go as unsolved (for that I thank mr.Roel from support who handles those mails and reports).

    Now, what Is the point of my post. Well in all these months sadly I dont see any change and always there are suspicious people obtaining most of the highest positions in the ranking. So my point and the question is, what is the official statement and stance of GB/Miniclip about Global Top ranking? Do you guys believe that we have a fair ranking and that everything is "clean" up there on top?

    Also, do you guys have any special team or a single administrator whose job is checking at least top 100 managers regurarly to be sure there is no shady play up there, and If you dont then why not?

    Anyway, I hope Im not bothering anyone, I was just curious about these couple things as I really would like us to all have the same chance to try and climb up high as possible on ranking, and sadly from what I am seeing at the moment, we do not have that chance...

    I would really appreciate If we could get some official reply here as Im sure I am not the only one bothered with this situation 🙂 Thank you in advance!

    @SpecialOne @HarryPoon_NL @AlyssaGB