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  • @Lingkai-Coach
    Hello mate & welcome to the Global forums. ☺

    A few things have changed after the arrival of the new OSM version. One of them has to do with the club's staff.
    We don't need to spend any coins to hire staff anymore. Everything works automatically for the managers on this matter. Meaning that any staff like the doctor or the lawyer will be available for you on the moment that you will need them, after the preparation days and only if or when you'll get a player injured or suspended etc.

    Notice: You can not hire multiple staff anymore , like we used to do on the old version, but if for example you wish for a quicker recovery for one of your players then you can use part of your boss coins to get your doctor to finish his treatment faster ( >> this is not possible if your league's timers are set on : OFF ! )

    Thank you for your post & enjoy your gaming time. :handshake_tone2: