BUG: Missing Manager Points from league's Manager List

  • Login: MenagerBL
    Account: Slot1
    League number: 61030607
    Date & Time of the bug: 24.01.2017. between 21:20 - 21:30 (server time)
    Here are infos about my opponent if you need:

    First of all I want to apologise for my bad language in my previous post. I put much efforts into this game and I really like this game and I was really annoyed in this moment because it was a win in a very hard match. Sorry again.

    Bug step-by-step Description:

    Last evening after the matchday nobody in my league got any manager points.
    I had 6.860 MP's and after the win vs goal 7 last evening I had again the same amount of manager points.
    Everything else is correct. (points on the table, goal difference, top scorers...)
    There is a problem only with manager points.
    Please try to fix this. That could be a big problem if it continues because i am playing CUP final soon and I could lose and 1.000 MP's.
    I hope I will get my deserved MP's.

    Browser: Mozilla Firefox

    App Version: 3.2.09
    Brand/type device: Samsung Galaxy J5 2016
    android version: 6.0.1

  • @MenagerBL Hello Nenad .😃

    Thank you very much for your detailed bug report and most of all for your understanding and apology to all of us. We really appreciate it mate! :handshake_tone2:
    I will forward your report today and we will try to help you out with this bug and possibly the rest of your fellow managers in your league. 😉

    My regards,

  • Hi mate,

    There's no bug at all on here.

    You (and all managers from the league) got the correct MPs for that round and every single round already played on that league.

    This is what I think it may happened that lead you to that 'wrong' perception. All OSM pages have a cache and sometimes some of the pages may take longer to update than others. What probably happened was that you checked Manager list after simulations and it was already updated, but control centre didn't, so when later you got the update on control centre and you went to check Manager list you saw same MPs for everyone.... but that was the amount already calculated after the simulations.

    Hope this explanation is clear enough.... 👍