stop push messages during the night

  • Dutch Users

    Last days i reveived push mssages at 03:03 and 05:04 , thats very irritating. so either make an option that we can stop push messages or stop sending them while were asleep ![alt 1_1485770446635_Screenshot_2017-01-30-03-04-31.png 0_1485770446635_Screenshot_2017-01-29-07-33-16.png

  • @xubix_NL Hello mate :slight_smile:
    We're sorry for this inconvenience but the solution is right in your hands.
    If you use a Android phone

    Just go to your Phone Settings >> Application Manager >> OSM >> Notification >> Allow Notification or Disable Notification.
    I assume something similar exists for the iOS users.

    And enjoy a peaceful night. 😉