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  • My players can not be sold for a long time. Even one of them stays on transfer list for about 2 weeks. Please help me. Players of other teams who are actually old within 30-34 ages are sold. But although my players are young, they couldnt be sold. Please fix this problem.

  • @yuceluce Problem in transfer list is in the league which my team is lorient, league name is Francia and moderator is osm.

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    @yuceluce Hello Yucel :relaxed:
    Please take a look at this topic it will help you get an idea of how the Transferlist ( TL ) works.
    Also this one:
    Since other managers are selling players on your league then it means that your Server and your TL are working fine.
    But managers that try to sell their top rated players ( like any +90 rated players ) in their maximum values ( like any player that is placed for sale for over 25 M ) usually tend to wait way more than other managers who place cheaper players on sale. Furthermore you are already at the 26th round of your league and you must know that as every league progresses the number of players getting sold tends to decrease.

    Useful Tips: 1. Always try to have 4 players for sale on your TL

    1. Try to buy a couple cheap players low rated ones from your TL and sell them right back at their maximum price. This way you keep the action going and you get better movement on the TL. :wink:
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    @yuceluce P.S. Please next time you decide to open a topic and you get asked something from a Moderator or Staff trying to help you out it is only polite to answer them back. I'm talking about this post of yours :
    Thank you in advance Yucel. :handshake_tone2:

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