• in what competition you can earn more tan 10000 points?

  • @Rob-Cusiel_NL Hi Rob ☺ ,

    Steps to achieve the amount of 10,000 MPs in one season:

    • You choose to play in one of the most popular and biggest leagues of the game.
      For instance : England ( 20 Clubs) or Brazil ( 20 Clubs) or Germany ( 18 Clubs ) etc..

    • You choose a very low goaled Club , like a G13 or a G16 .

    • You start building up your squad like you're on fire! Sell high and buy cheap every day, round by round , till your squad's improves that much that the whole value of it becomes way better than any G1 or G3 squad. :punch_tone2:

    • You will also need Lady luck to be kind to you. 🍀 A full league , aparted by real and full - active managers. Cause you need as much human managers as possible to play against them and win , and not just CPU teams (= squads that are managed by the osm engine).
      CPU teams don't offer you so many points. Neither do managers that join a league and forget to loggin. That one really sucks mate. 😥

    • You earn of course more points for beating a higher goaled team compared to yours, than beating a team lower than yours or of the same goal. So you need experience and skills in your tactics.

    • You become the Cup Winner, by reaching the Cup Final and winning the Cup of the league !

    • And then you win the whole league . You reach Position 1 with your low goal team after 1,5 month ( more or less) , a lot of good efforts in selling and buying and training and scouting players till you become the glorious Champion Manager of it ! Hooray !! 🏆

    And this way my dear Rob you get the long desired 10,000 MPs and also the bonus Boss Coins for that awesome achievement . 😉

    Best of luck Champ ! :thumbsup_tone2: