Bug with the trophy "win 25 matches in a row"

  • Hello, I had a problem with one of the advanced bonus. I was going to win my 25th match in a row, i managed to do this, and than a bug : I felt to ... 8 wins, without reason because i won all my matches of the day (with all my four teams). I could've won this "trophy", so hard to win (and 100 bonus chips !), so i'm a bit disappointed. Sorry my english is not perfect, but did someone have the same problem than mine ??? TY !

  • English Moderator

    @Sam-Vanhaezebrouck Hello mate ☺
    I'm afraid you have misunderstood how this achievement works.

    1. You have to achieve 25 wins in a row in one same league. In one of your Slots and with one team .
      So you will need one team in a long league , in order to get this done.
    2. Winning streak includes Cup matches as well and you also have to win these matches without going on penalty kicks.
      Therefore I think you don't have a bug . Not this time mate. 😉

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