ReActivation of my account.

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    Hello .. Good evening! I have come here to request the activation of my account that is registered with this email, is the name of: Sir. Password: I was previously a very active player of this game, a regular purchaser of tickets and tickets, however, I had to "disconnect" from this game, but I missed it and I want to play again, so I thanked for the prompt attention and activation of my account ! The email of account os: treinadorrafaelcoelho@hotmail.Com, I sendo now two emails but I don't have a answer yet. Thanks for the quick resolution of the problem, thank you and good night.

  • @CoelhoJSRafael Good evening to you too Rafael and welcome back to the game.
    About your request,

    1. If you have deleted your old OSM account long ago I cannot be sure if you will be able to have it back and activated once again.
    2. You will need to email at the Support team (as you wrote you have done that already ) and Staff will get back to you as soon as they get to read your mail and request.
    3. There is no need to post on the public forums any personal data of yours, like your email address.

    In the meantime...

    1. There is no need to open more than 1 topic for the same subject. And the usage of Capital letters is not helping you either.
    2. We would appreciate a bit of patience from your side, especially on a weekend , cause Staff and Mods need to rest too.
    3. I have send you already a personal message on your forum message box and I have included the OSM Terms too. ( no reply from you yet ) Cause although you ask for your old account to be re-activated , you also have created a new account and have already chosen a new league for your Slot 1. And my dear Rafael that is defo against the OSM rules, to have more than 1 account for your game .

    Please just post in here the email address that you have used to send your request, just to make sure you have done everything properly.

    Thank you for your attention and understanding. :handshake_tone2:

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    @SUPERNOVA-8 Thank you, now I send to you a private message.

  • @CoelhoJSRafael said in ReActivation of my account.:

    @SUPERNOVA-8 Thank you, now I send to you a private message.

    My dear Rafael , just to make sure you have sent your mails at the right address , you can use these two : or at

    All you need is a bit of patience now and you will get your replies from our Staff Support team.

    Thank you for your understanding . :handshake_tone2: