No more manager points

  • Good morning. I think it's the first time I write here in the forum, but if I'm doing it right now, it means it's worth it. Sorry for my english, I am Italian.
    This morning, when I woke up, i saw that all my manager points vanished: yesterday I had at least 28.000 points, today I ain't got one. I think this is very strange, and I hope someone can help me fix this thing; I play OSM since 2012 and, even if in the past my points were deleted due to the changes in the game system, I think this time things are a little bit different: all my friends, and all the other managers in my league have still got their points, so am I the only one who lost them? Why?
    I think this is ridicoulous, i want explanations and I hope someone give me some.

  • Thank you very much, you really made my day hahah!

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    Everything seems to work just fine. If this problem occurs again, please feel free to report it.


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