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    Wedstrijd zou gisteren om 20.00 gespeeld worden en is nu nog steeds 'aan het spelen' is het echt zo verslechtert dat het gewoon 12 uur + duurt voordat ik kan zien of ik gewonnen heb ja of nee?

  • Hi @afcahaakie_NL26,

    First of all, please use English on this part of the forum. For Dutch language forums, please log out and back in again.

    It looks like you joined a new league. There is a visual bug about when the next match starts. The timer you seen on your home screen is the timer till the next simulation. If you press the clock on top of your screen it will give you probably some other time. If you're not sure on which day the first match is, you can always check your match calendar.

    You mention that your match is still being played. If it's still mentioning that, they probably need some more details. In that case, fill in the bug report (which can be found here: https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.nl/topic/308/important-info-please-read/3)

    If I look at the simulation status it looks like your match isn't played because you are in your preparation days. All leagues are successfully simulated according to the simulation status.

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    Hi there Vertrigo,

    Sorry mate i had the wrong forum indeed. I will try to explain in English. My competition is stuck since yesterday 20.00. It says this:

    And if i watch the Calendar it says this:


    Do you have any link for a dutch bug report? Don't really want to put alot of time in this, i think me and all my mates will quit OSM again if it is impossible to play normaly.

  • No worries @afcahaakie_NL26!

    For the Dutch support forum, please follow this link: Dutch Support

    You'll find this topic on that forum: which will give you information on how to report a bug.
    Please note, you can always report bugs on the international forum. It doesn't matter if you play on the Dutch or World version.

    I've never seen that a match is 'delayed'. I can not guarantee you that your match will be played tonight. But I hope for you it will 😉

  • Hi, welcome and thanks.
    I've adjusted your links a bit so everyone can read it 😉