Suggestion: ''New message'' Notification on android app

  • My suggestion is to add a notification when a new message arrives on android.

    Last months I communicate much with managers from my country but they answer me after 10 days or more (or never)...Many managers don't answer because they don't know they have a new message.
    I think it's not a big job and it could help much, especially nowadays when more people play OSM on the app than on PC. 🙂

  • @MenagerBL Hi Nenad! 🙂 Please do me a favor. Start using the browser of your mobile phone too to login and not just your OSM app. Whenever you need to send a PM to a friend of yours use the OSM game chatbox / messenger and not the forum one. This way your mates will get notified on their phones whenever they have a PM send to them. 😉 Of course share this tip with your friends too. :thumbsup_tone2:

    P.S. We do have a special topic for suggestions mate . So I have to close this one now . Eehhh... 😞