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    i have a problem, my scout finded new players and one of them cost 5,57M but my ballance is 7,07. When i want to buy him i have an informatiom i need 5,57 + 15 coins. What is wrong ?!1_1492681386609_osm2.jpg 0_1492681386606_osm1.jpg

  • Hi, welcome @Gabriel-Michael

    There is nothing wrong. Payed by the scout +15 BC 👍

  • @Gabriel-Michael Hello Gabriel and welcome to the World forum. 🙂
    After reading your question and having a look at your game profile, my guess is that you probably haven't logged in OSM for some time. The currency of the game and certain features had been changed. Instead of green and red/ premium tickets we now use the so called Boss Coins that look like little diamonds.
    Now as you will find out there are few features that require the usage of these coins. Like when buying players with the help of your scout instead of using the Transferlist costs 15 boss coins for each one of them. Also the Secret trainings cost 3 coins each and the Training Camps have their cost too, as you can see for yourself. Therefore you can either visit the OSM shop and purchase some Boss coins for your game`s extra needs or you could use your league's transfers to recruit new players and stop wasting money from your Club funds for scouting players.
    Thank you for your visit and good luck. :v_tone2: