I have a question about my stadium

  • Hello, what advantage do you have when playing in your stadium?
    If I play in my stadium, and someone puts me on a training campus, are you more probability to win than me?

    Do you have 25% more posibilities to win if you play in your stadium?

    Thanks you

  • Spanish Moderator

    @Esperxx When you up the level of the grass of your stadium, you will get a short advantage when you will play like local team and possibility you could get more advantage for winning

  • But if I improved my stadium with 3 stars, what's mean that?

  • Spanish Moderator

    @Esperxx that you increase the probably of win the football matches when you play like local team. This is if you increase the grass. If you increase the training, your players will increase his media more fast. If you increase the other thing (stadium?) You will get more money with the matches in your stadium (local)

  • Hi, thanks @alvarorr_98. Uf you upgrade your pitch you will get more home advantage in all of your home matches :)

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