Match Simulation takes way longer than usual.....

  • Hello,I am currently playing in 2 of them is simulated in 10-15 min & the other is simulated in 2-3 hours or even more & I tried to contact support but I didn't get an answer so I thought I could reach support through the forum & I hope I can get help with the long time simulation that is frustrating me & my friends in that league & thanks in advance.

  • @Attractive-Force Hi, welcome.
    Unfortunately there's nothing that can be done about that.
    We never can garanty that a match will be played at a certain time.
    Servers can have troubles because of rush hour, a lot of leagues created at same time etc.

  • So there is no way this delay would even be fixed later or something? :(

  • @Attractive-Force No I'm afraid not, to many factors could causes delay.

  • Okay,so after we finish the league we'll have to remake a new one or it may have the same problem ? I would really be more than grateful if you can help me find a way to fix this thing as its ruining the fun we're having in the game,even if its not a direct fix solution

  • If you know someone that has a league on a faster server and you got invited to that league that could be a solution.

  • Okay thanks :/

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