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    i know this
    But my question is why? Why i can't invite more than10friends and reward too me? This reward is a good reward too anyone and it can lead on anyone of users too invite more and more and more friends too this game and this is good for osm too beacuse when we invite our friends for reward osm will famous from now in google play or app stire or in the world sites
    But when i see if invite my friends not receving a reward for me i don't invite them and we will go to other games and play it neacuse overethere all my friend and i join into the game
    So or fix it or increase max of invite frien to 25 or 50 invitining
    Thanks so much

  • @haj-hamid7 Hi, I'll think you know the awnser to that yourself.
    10 invites is more then enough to earn free boss coins, if that's not enough then you can go to the business club to earn more boss coins.