Why is someone deleting my posts without explanation?

  • I've just finished my league and started a new league. I had 67k manger points on my 1st account before my league finished. I should have just got an extra 5.5k from the league that ended 2nights ago but reset last night. It wasn't added on and just the cups was added to my profile. I know this for a fact as I'm keeping on eye onit and trying to get into the top 100 ranked managers in OSM. Could somebody please look into this and not delete my post or tell me what I need to do?

    Why can nobody help me? The 1st time I was told that my account doesn't need looking into when it does. The 2nd time BOTH my post was deleted without explanation?

  • My points have magically reappeared lol. I don't understand that language, do you speak/write English?

  • Posts not points, this is still a problem

  • Just to be clear it's my posts that have reappeared not my manager points for my 1st account

  • This topic can be closed, since there already was another topic.

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