Why lock my post when the problem isn't sorted!

  • I know 1000% that these points from my last league hasn't been added to my 1account ranking hespera. Could you tell me who you talked to and who looked at my account please

  • @jeffro-davies

    No we don't give info on who looked at you're account, Someone from GB did and there's no reason to doubt anything the official people from GB are saying.

  • Ok hespera. So what's the easiest way for me to prove it? Can I work it out and post it in this thread? I wish I did screen shots of my ranking before the league ended but I didn't

  • @jeffro-davies That's the exact problem, if you want to proof it then there also must be a screen before league ended.

    But I'm convinced the difference is there because the old manager points counts less everyday and that's the same for everyone.

  • Since a lot of managers reported same issue, there's no need to proof anything anymore.
    That means that there really is a bug relating to MP, problem has been found only we cannot say when it will be fixed.

    Because it's a known issue now, I will close this topic.

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