Couple of questions

  • first of all, as a follow up of my previous question regarding training camps. Where or how can the opponent see if a trainingcamp is being used against them?

    Another question i had is regarding the scout. Is there a external page like their used to be to see all players and their statts and values?

    Also, do the free boss coins adds realy work? Like i remember there were some free seasoncard adds that didnt give away their rewards after completing the tasks like surveys etc.
    And if the boss coins adds work, when will the rewards been given? For example downloading a game and finishing level 10. Does it work and will the boss coins be rewarded right after completing lvl 10 or what.

    Thanks in advance

  • @mr-fred-b-_nl you will get notification if someone uses training camp against you. You can also visit the spy and see if the training camp has been used.

    About the scoutlist you are talikng about, its not available on new 3.0 version

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    As long as the opponent doesn't use a secret training first, before setting a training camp, you will be notified that your opponent has set a training camp. Otherwise, you won't receive a notification.

    Scoutlist doesnt exist anymore, but you can still check out players stats and values by going to the League overview page. Which you can find here ➡

    The ads from the Businessclub do work. The amount of time it takes before you receive the Bosscoins depends on the provider. Sometimes it will be in mere minutes, other times it can take up days. Of course, you do need to meet the requirements that is listed on the offer.

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    Thanks mate :thumbsup_tone4:

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