• 1- Hello guys im new to this game im an huge fan of football management games like FM and CM and im giving this game a try although im trying to search on google for some in depth guides bout the game and i cant find much things.
    My 2 first games was a win even though that i didnt know what i was doing, then a loose against an huge team so not a big deal but then i just draw against an AI team even that i spied him and used 4-4-2B against a 5-4-1 that supposed to counter it right? my overall rating is way better and bcs of that i played offensive style, any clue what im doing wrong? i wanna win and score a lot and somehow im not doing it even that i counter tactic and have better players. 😞
    2- i found this website http://ofmtactics.weebly.com/tactics-area.html that has alot of tactics and formations but i dont know what they mean with recommended goal do u know what is it?
    3- Any website or post that i can read about counter tactics/formations? thanks in advance

  • Welcome to Online Soccer Manager, Gabiru17! I ain't some high ranked player nor that hardcore one, but I may give you some tips.

    1. Maybe you didn't use well suited tactic, whereas good tactic for 442B is possesion game. Or maybe you didn't put player on his position / specialist. An att-dependant midfielder would be good winger and or central attack mid.

    Another popular and well-balanced formation that I may suggest is 442A (wing play) as it's help me in a lot of matches (with par or maybe low tier opponent club). You just need 2 good forward (overall 85+: one with pure att, and other with some good def). But if the opponent has upperhand (good squad), I switched it to 541A (counter attack) and it does work on some way. I've played another formations such as 352 (Shooting on Sight) and 451 (Shooting on Sight). But the problems are how defensive that system (low goals chances) and you must have good and bunch of midfielders, and to me that's not effective (on club funds and time - definitely need some matches or friendlies to decide good lineup till the end of matchdays).

    Oh and if you lucky with transferring and trainning players, as your squad value is no. 1 on your league, you can play offensively with 433B (wing play). This will likely give you more goals and ball possession (in the end- more winning).

    1. That's new to me, maybe reccomended goal is like the number of maximum goals that you might get if you use one of those tactics.

    2. I don't know, but some channels on youtube have been upload OSM contents.

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    Thanks for helping the new manager mate, but these kind of questions is more likely to be discussed on Tactic request topic >>> https://forum.onlinesoccermanager.com/topic/34410/tactics-requests/105