Can't login on laptop and Android

  • Hi,

    The problem on laptop I sendet on support email. I can't login and from Android. I installed yesterday the last update and today around 21:00 I can't login on Android just on Web Android. It says error 403. I cleaned the catchies and cookies the problem still is.....

    Kind Regards

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    Hi, could you please put a full screen over here from the error?

  • alt text


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    Which os android version do you use and which osm app version do you have?

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 6.0.1

    OSM version 3.2.05 yesterday I re-updated this version

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    @Lirind said in Can't login on laptop and Android:

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 6.0.1

    Hi from me too Lirind. :slight_smile:

    I'm sorry but I thought I had heard the name of your phone - device before.
    I believe many owners had several problems with Samsung's latest models? Like Galaxy S6 and S7.
    Just wondering if it is your phone device that needs a new update or a check at a mobile store.

    Just a thought mate. Cause you've got the right OSM App version. Are you ok with the free memory of your phone too? I suppose you've got plenty free for your apps.

  • I have a lot of places over 19GB

    Marshmallow it's a fake app on the store and this new android version Nougat 7.0 is still Beta version for my version. Don't have the exact date when will be realised. It's say on December but when don't have a date....

    It just wait and see.....

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    Can you please remove the app and reinstall it again?

  • Done but the problem still is......

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    From which country are you trying to access OSM?

  • From Austria.... I'm living here now

  • Now I checked the laptop if I can enter but not in can't enter on OSM from the laptop

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    How where you able to login today? If you can't access app/website.

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    Hi mate,

    Can you please provide us also a screenshot from Website?

    Can you please PM me (here and not on OSM) your IP address (if you have different IPs on phone and PC, please provide me both).

    Tks Hespera for your work... I'll continue with this issue from here :thumbsup:

  • I can join just from Android Webb

    From Android and Laptop I can't

  • Problem fixed, you can close this topic

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    Tough and weird one, but at the end glad all is working now!

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