Can you, or can you not buy and sell a player on the same day?

  • Started playing again since a long time. I still have to get a feeling for the osm 3.0 system. Hope I am not being stupid and missing something but this seemed weird to me. Hope you can help me out:)

    My competitor bought a player at 8.27 and sold him at 8.58 with a 3 million profit. I cannot buy and sell a player on the same day...

    I am not sure if you can buy and sell a player via your scout but I am sure this player wasn't bought via the scout. I have seen him on the transferlist. My competitor also has some other weird trades but those could just be very lucky. Screenshots are attached

    Can someone freshen me up on how this works? how is the trade in the attached example possible? Is it a bug? Can you buy via scout and sell on the same day?



  • Acutally as we speak he has bought a player and has put for sale on the transferlist again. I am pretty sure I could not buy and sell, or am I gettin crazy xD please explain.




  • Hello.
    Yes, you can buy a player from transferlist or scout and sell in same day if you're not in a battle crew.
    This is a way to grow up your team, buy cheap players and sell at maximum price.
    Welcome to V3.

  • Hi Thanks for your reply!

    So why do I get this message when I try to sell a player that I bought today?
    I have tried this before but it was not possible any time.


    Translation from Dutch to English: Oops, A player may not be sold for 1 round after buying it.

    This feels very unfair for me.. 😞 I have tried this before and got this message everytime. In the meantime I see my competitor earning big money...

    Can someone explain me what I am doing wrong and how I can buy/sell on the same day? Or explain why I get this message?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • @MotaNelu Please try to be more accurate on your answers. Buying players from Transferlist doesn't necessary mean he can sell them on same day, because he may buy players from other human managers there!

    Every player that you buy from a team outside your league, can be sold on exact same day and immediately on next round. If you buy players from teams on your league, you can only sell them after 1 round been played.