• How in the world this end up a draw, while they even had 1 red card? Where is the logic?
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  • @Mr_Santos Hello Emmanuel . ☺

    First of all I gotta say it mate... Your avatar is awesome ! I laughed so hard when I first saw it on your post cause it did go so well with your angry mood ( I guess you were well pissed off at the moment of this post ). Second- I wanna congratulate you for your wonderful job at your current league with your Chaves. A G12 at position 1, not bad at all mate ! :thumbsup_tone2:
    Now as for your complaint... Well my friend in my opinion you were lucky in a way when you got that draw. You didn't lose that match but I can understand your disappointment cause this draw came from a much lower team managed from the cpu. Ehhh... but you must remember that sometimes logic has nothing to do with football. Remember when my country Greece beat your country at UEFA?
    Was there any logic there? Christiano was crying like a baby , haha, btw this guy is too emotional ha?
    Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that lady luck does play her part too in some matches and you surely know that underdogs are capable of beating superior teams from time to time.
    And this happens in real football and also in OSM. And maybe you did a couple things wrong with your settings on that unfortunate match. I have already noticed one possible mistake of yours after watching your own screen shots.

  • @Mr_Santos If you really want to chat about the details of your match and maybe try and see what went wrong there, then I will need from you to post a similar screen shot like this one from me:
    http://prnt.sc/dkevfe , so that I can view more about how did Boavista manage to counter your team.

    This is part of your squad right now: http://prnt.sc/dkez6l

    This is part of my squad right now : http://prnt.sc/dkf8qc

    So Emmanuel, could you please take a good look at both of them and tell me what you see different on these 2 pictures ?

  • I will move this to the discussion forum so other managers can add their opinions 🙂

  • Dutch Users

    Am I the only one seeing he's got a better team than Barcelona/Real Madrid there?
    How is it a good job to be 1st place in that league with a team like that?

    OT: Curious about the match stats as well cause if it's not something you've set up completely wrong, this is a strange result.

  • English Moderator

    Everyone can make his team better, by buying and selling players all the time....and getting a red card doesn't mean the team who get's it has to lose the game... cause in real life too, teams with 10 players many times won their opposite teams...