I bought boss coins and i have not received them (proof)

  • Hello, i have recently started playing the game with a lot of friends (already had the game for a while though).

    I bought some coins to start a competition with my friends and did so succesfully. Now i am in 2 leagues, 1 italian, 1 english. Today (17/04/2019) i thought i could buy even more boss coins to start another competition and to get the edge over my friends, but whilst buying these coins my internet switched of. the money did go out of my account but i did not get the coins. I logged in on my phone and via laptop and i did not get my coins any of the times is tried.

    I really hope to get either a refund or boss coins added to my account.

    I can show further proof if needed by the mods (or developers)

    a casual enjoyer of the game

  • English Moderator


    Contact, Dutch support by mail NL.support@onlinesoccermanager.com with a clear explanation of the issue and also include your manager name and proof of payment in the mail.

    Your message should be in dutch language.