• *How should I Jordy Brown Scout? I always do:

    position: midfield
    style: offensive
    quality: 50/59
    age: under 25
    nationality: Dutch
    competition: Netherlands 2

    does anyone have tips?

    PS: I'm new to Osm only knows not sure this is the right forum.* 😎

  • @kevin-scheerenveen_8_nl

    Hello Kevin ( if that's your name ) and welcome to the OSM game & forums. 🙂
    About your question; The game's scouting system, as you have seen it already, cannot guarantee you the arrival of a specific player. The best we can do when/if we have a certain player in mind to scout is to make sure we place the correct data on our Scout's criteria about him ( age, position, nationality etc ) and then wait and see what the scout will be able to find available and bring to us according to those used criteria.
    Note : Since you are new to OSM , I might as well point out to you not to insist on scouting players of the same nationality as the one of your chosen league. For instance: if you are playing on the Netherland's league it is not wise of you to scout Dutch players cause the chances would be that most of them ( if not all of them ) are already part of a certain club in your own league.
    And also , I was wondering what makes you wanna scout a midfielder of such low quality/power... 😕
    Made me wonder about your criteria and if they were correct. Anyways, best of luck to you ! 🤞

    P.S. And something else now... If you want to add the Dutch forum on your forum menu , you have to look for the Groups on your menu , and from those groups to find and click on the NL Group of Language. While you are in there you have to click upon the green Join button that you will find. After that, make a fresh loggin and you will be able to have access to both forums : World & Dutch. 😉