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    Hello, I'm trying to buy two players from two different bot clubs, I'm offering the maximum amount possible, but bot still refuse to sell the player, why? how can I buy those players that I want?

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    Hi mate, I've tried that on my career when I wanted to sign Felipe Anderson. You can't exactly expect to be able to sign him. Sometimes, you simply cannot. Sometimes, this is proved by what is said in the Press Room. There are sometimes tweets like Leicester flirts with Felipe Anderson, stuff like that. Then it says, West Ham will consider whether they will miss him or not. If the bot rejects your offer you should give up trying, but if they offer a negotiation, then go for it. Try to find alternatives if not. Tell me who u are trying to sign and i will give you a good alternative

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    @Matteo-Lubrano It is difficult to buy a player, which is not on transfer list, from the bot teams. You should give up and look for alternatives.

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    When you make an offer for a player, it's always up to the manager of that team to decide which player they wish to sell (offers they accept) at any price and it's no different with computer managed teams either